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The book's cover

Catch-42's unique story starts with the book's cover, which is the result of a collaboration between Australian digital and crypto artist Nate Hill, Catch-42's author, Felix Holzapfel, and Thomas Wolff from lamoto design studio. The target of this collaboration is to highlight the opportunities for nonfungible tokens (NFT) and blockchain technology in the creative and publishing industries—and beyond.

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We offered an exclusive NFT containing Nate Hill's artwork Catch-42 // Back to our world and a unique Pre-Publication-Date copy of my book within an auction on, one of the leading platforms for crypto art. The auction took place before the official release date of the book and before the book is available on traditional sales channels like Amazon. We sold this unique art bundle for 3.0 ETH (which was equal to $7,421.76 on the day of the sale).


We have created a Limited Edition Art Bundle with 42 NFTs containing the Limited NFT Edition of, Catch-42: A novel about our future, plus the Limited NFT Edition poster of the book's cover which is based Nate Hill's artwork, Catch-42 // Back to our world. There are three ways to receive one of these exclusive tokens.


You can buy 30 of the 42 NFTs on (sale starts on April 29th). We'll donate 100% of the profit to Paradigm Initiative, an NGO caring about digital inclusion in Africa. So, you purchase a unique art bundle and support a good cause at the same time.


We'll run online challenges in which we give away 3 of the 42 NFTs. Follow us on social media to learn more and win one of these exclusive NFTs.


We'll use the remaining 9 of 42 NFTs for other marketing activities.

About the book

Tech thriller Catch-42 offers a mind-blowing tour of potential uses for AI, biotech, quantum computing, and robotics, all within a suspense-filled story packed with unexpected twists. Brimming with current scientific findings, Catch-42 is a novel like no other that raises fundamental and philosophical questions whose answers depend on us all.